HDMI connection problem

I have a WD TV Live Hub for almost a year. It’s been working fine. Recently it gives black screen when it was turned on. After a hard reboot (press power button for 5 sec), it will be ok. I am not sure when it started or after which update because I do not watch it very often. It’s like this for more than two weeks now. I have updated to lastest version firmware.

I have Onkyo 608 receiver connects Hub and Panasonic PJ all through HDMI. I also have Panasonic BD player and Dish HD receiver connected to same Onkyo via HDMI. It’s been like this for a long time. Everything works fine till now.

Try rolling back to an earlier firmware version to see if it solves your issue. I’d go back 3-4 firmwares just to be sure. If the issue does NOT go away than i’d RMA your wd tv. If it DOES go away, try upgrading again to see if it starts occuring again - in that case let us know. If it “stays away” than likely something went wrong durring the firmware update process.

Thanks for your quick response.

How exactly can I roll back to elder firmware? Do I need to download it first or there is a function through on screen manu? I never did this before. What I did is click update whenever it shows up. Thanks.