HDMI Connection HELP!


Yesterday I unplagged the HDMI from my WD TV Live when the WD was connected. Then I connected again and the TV shows a message that says “No signal or signal not recognized”.

I try with different HDMI cables and TVs and nothing happened.

I connected with RCA and goes OK. So I think that the WD is not broken.

Can you help me to find the solution?


So when it’s working with RCA cables, plug the HDMI cable in at the same time.

Then go to SETUP / AUDIO VIDEO Settings / VIDEO / … and make sure that the HDMI settings are correct.


I did that yesterday… I went to Settings - Video Settings - HDMI output and then disconnect RCA and set the TV in the HDMI port that the WD was plug. Appears a fast WD image and then… “no signal” again :(.

Can you tell me which is the correct set up for HDMI?

No, I don’t know what would be correct for your equipment. I would try AUTO everything, short of that…? You could also try doing a reset to factory defaults…

Resetting to the defaults makes sense, but before that, unplug the WD player and leave it unplugged for 30 secs or so before plugging back in.  If problem is gone, great; if not do the factory default reset.  Then set the HDMI setting to Auto.

It might make sense to unplug the TV, too, so it could remove any problems as well.