HDMI CEC - power on does not work


First of all - I have resently updated to firmware 1.12.1, did a reset to factory default and finished off enabling CEC

The setup is the following

PS3 and WDTV Live connected to Onkyo 706 on HDMI In1 and HDMI In2. The HDMI out is connected to the new Panasonic gt50 TV. And PS3 works perfectly and WDTV works 95%. I can remote them both with the Panasonic remote but I have to start the WDTV manually :frowning:

To be exact:

When I shut down the tv - the tv shuts down the ps3 but not the wdtv

When I start the tv - it starts the receiver - and then I shuts down the WDTV 

And then when I try to start it from the viera tools I am told that I have to chect the HDMI setup on the HDMI device

Please help. What to do?


Make sure you have enabled the HDMI CEC on the WD TV menu