HDMI CEC No Longer Working

I have the latest firware. HDMI CEC is enabled and has been working since I bought the WD TV Live SMP last year. When I pressed the power on button on the WD TV Live SMP remote, my Sony Sound Bar came on and switched to the HDMI port the WD is connected to. And pressing 1 or 2 on the WD remote raised or lowered the volume on the soundbar.

This stopped working recently. I have reset the device back to factory default and renabled HDMI CEC but this didn’t fix it. Pressing the reset button on the bottom of the WD didn’t fix it either.

Any ideas?


Are you able to test that on a different TV? Also with a different HDMI cable if possible.

This will allow you to identify where the issue is coming from.

I have tried connecting the WD TV Live directly to the TV and to the Sony Soundbar with different cables. No change in behavior.

I don’t intend to jihack this thread, but this is the first I’m hearing about this HDMI-CEC thing. since my WDTV Live is connected to my Sony receiver via HDMI, then to the Sony TV, I should be able to control the volume of the Sony receiver from the WDTV remote?

That’s what I was doing, controling the volume of my Sony soundbar with the WD remote (1 is volume up, 2 is volume down). Just enable HDMI CEC in the WD TV LIve and see if it works.

If this works, your post just saved me a lot of hassle of rearranging my tv and stereo setup so that I don’t have to spread my arms out like an eagle to get the receiver to recognize that I’m pushing a button on the remote. Dude, I hope this works when I get home. 

Well, it worked for me until it stopped for no apparent reason that I can determine. Now I have to use the soundbar remote for that. I’d sure like to get this fixed!

Good luck!

Edit: The receiver has to be HDMI CEC capable and enabled for this to work.

Hmmm … I have a newer Sony receiver. Guess it’s time to break out the online manual and find out. 

I did enable it on the WDTV, but I can’t find anywhere to assign the Volume Up/Down options in the “Remote Settings” area.

You don’t assign any options for Up/Down volume. Those are the default settings for the 1 and 2 buttons. If you do change the settings for those buttons to something else, they will no longer work for asdjusting the volume.

Ahhh … well it seems that neither my Sony receiver or the Bravia seem to support CEC, as neither has an option for any branding of the Sony name for it, Bravia Link or BraviaSync.