HDMI Auto Switch Issue

Hi folks,

Just got the TV Live. I’m having a problem with my HDMI auto switcher. All was fine until I added the TV Live, but now it seems to lock the switch to its HDMI cable, even when turned off.

Any ideas?

I’m using the latest firmware as far as I know - it prompted to update when I first installed it.


What HDMI Switcher / Manufactor are you using?

I had no Problem with mine "5 X HDMI In -  1x HDMI Out " Switcher on my  2nd TV with a little remote and extra Electric Powers.

Mine is looking like this



Do you get flickering on screen when trying to switch or unpowering the WD Live?

That’s exactly like the one I got yesterday off NewEgg, I guess mine was just rebranded:

$25 MassCool HDMI Auto Switch

I have my 3D Blu-Ray Player, Xbox 360, and WD Live Plus going through a 3D Convertor box, then to my TV. Works great and was only $25.