Hdmi audio wont play internet files until physical media is played

Strange behavior on my player.

I got this 2nd unit for upstairs to only stream netflixh and files from the computer.

After about a mont of use mysteriously the audio quit on any netflix or file i player over the network. Only video.

Trouble shooting it i switched out hdmi cables and took the wdtv down stairs to where i have the orignal wdtv hooked up.

it works there so i thought it was the tv.

But recently i plugged in a usb stick with a video file on it.

If i play this file it plays audio. After that i can switch to netflix or network files and play audio perfectly.

Anyone else have this issue or know of a fix where you do not have to play a usb audio file first?

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It may be an HDMI handshaking issue – there are some known ones with Netflix.  You can try the audio out from the composite or component cables (or, if you have the inputs, the digital audio).  Otherwise you’ll just have to wait for a fix (who knows when that will happen?)

The only times I’ve had audio fail on a Netflix video (usually after resuming after a long time / overnight), I was able to bring audio back by rewinding the show / film back a few frames.

If this is happening right at the start of the Netflix show, perhaps you can FF a little and see if that helps.

Yes, I’ve had this exact problem with the internet video/audio content on my WDTV Live Plus, I tried it on two different units with the same outcome.

Basically, in order to listen to any of the online content, not just Netflix, but for me its the same on Pandora, Youtube, Mediafly. As soon as the unit is powered up, if I try to use any of these services, the video will play fine, but there’s absolutely no audio coming thru the hdmi cable for the online services.

However, if I just go back to the main menu and select an iso or mkv file from the attached storage device, a 2TB WD Elements, play it for a few seconds, and then go back to the online service, the audio plays great from without problems.

I thought my original WD TV Live Plus was defective, so I returned it to WD who sent me a new one, and the new one had the exact same issue. So I just select a file from the attached storage device before watching online content, its not ideal but it only takes a few extra seconds to do so I’ve gotten used to it.

I’ve tried multiple hdmi cables and on both my tv sets, a 32" and 42" Vizio and always the same issue.