HDMI and HDTV issues

I recently bought a 42" Sanyo tv and once I plugged my wd hub into hdmi and played it all my movies seemed to have a slight blur to them. They looked clearer on the older style of tv and plugged into AV. 

I have it set so that it’s HDMI setting and its version 2.05.08 


Which model tv.  What type of video files are you playing and how compressed are they.   You may need to adjust your tv’s settings to get the best picture.

the tv model is LED 42xr10fh

playing avi files but im not sure how compressed they are

how do i  adjust my tv settings?

Could someone please help!!

What resolution setting did you set the WD to?

750 since thats what my hdmi cord is or thats what it says when i put the channel on and my tv can go up to 1080p

I assume you mean 720, since 750 isn’t a valid resolution.

720 should be perfectly clear, certainly clearer than the 480i of “regular” TVs… 

As to how to set up your TV, you’ll have to look in its manual for that info…

So its not something to do with my wd player? Since the movies were clear before and I think the settings are correct on the tv? 

Well, there’s nothing else other than resolution in the WD’s that can make movies “blurry,” especially via HDMI.

I played with the tv settings but still no luck :confused:

Ok, two things to try:

1>  Go try it on a friend’s TV and see if the same issue happens.

2>  Start a movie and PAUSE it.  Take a photo of this “Blurry” screen.   Then plug it into a “normal” TV and do the same thing.   Post the images to something like Flickr or Image Shack so we can see them.

Perhaps there’s confusion on what you mean by “blurry.”

Well its not so much blurry as pixillated I’ll try both though thanks. I might try getting a new hdmi cord as well 

Since you have a 1080p new TV, try setting the player to output 1080p, this way:

From the player on-screen menu, go into Settings, then Audio/Video.  Next, Video Output, select HDMI, and finally Auto.

Save it.  Double-check the setting change; follow the path back in to see that your Video Output is now set to HDMI(Auto).

You could have a bad cable, and this might show it to be that way.  If the player menu as seen on screen doesn’t look right, then for sure try another HDMI cable.

Yeh I tried that but the same issue still happens. I’ve tried numerous settings but none seem to get rid of the blur. 

The menu looks fine but the HDMI cord is quite old

If your videos are pixelated, it’s probably BECAUSE you’re looking at them on a High-Def display where you can SEE it.   Whereas, on a standard display, the resolution is so low that you can’t see it.

So does that mean theres nothing I can do because its really annoying to watch 

I think Tony hit the nail on the head, because I looked back in this thread ,and it appears you just switched from standard TV to HD TV viewing.  Since the resolution of 1080p is quite a few magntudes higher than standard Tv, flaws in stuff that was overlooked are now real apparent.

For maximum clarity, copies  of video material must be of the highest levels or else there will be flaws visible; flaws like blurr, or less focus, etc.

How do other video sources look on the new TV, and have you upgraded to an HD signal from your cable provider?  I ask this because that is what is needed to view TV programs in HD.  Having the HD TV is one part; the other part is  HD source material.  I know too many people who buy an HD TV and stay with standard broadcast signal.  Basically, they “don’t get it” and they rationalize by telling me “it’s not that bad”.  How do they know, they are not comparing it to true HD? 

All my videos are on my Western digital, I haven’t yet hooked up the channel television stations at this time. My playstation looks fine on the TV and I can play videos through that and they are crisp and right. It’s my western digital hub that I am concerned about can that be fixed through getting a HD antenna or something like that. I thought all that was needed was my hdmi cord

I say HD Antenna because I can’t get a hd signal any other way since my house doesn’t allow it, the only port is downstairs. Again does the TV signal matter to watching movies on my wd i wouldnt think so…

How do those same movies look when you watch them on the TV using the Playstation 3 to play them?