HDMI and composite audio

Hi, want to buy one of these devices but having question. I will need to connect it via HDMI cable but the sound I want to use via composite audio cable conncted to my amp at the same time. Will they both work? Thanks

I do not have one, but reading its user manual there is an option that I assume may send the audio by HDMI and composite at the same time, which is HDMI Output - Downmix to Stereo.  I suggest you to contact WD Support to verify this information.

It is possible to connect the audio output of the WD EP directly to the amplifier. AFAICS however the WD player has no option to disable the sound output via the HDMI cable (somebody please correct me should I be wrong).

This leaves you with a minor problem: because the TV also gets the audio signal, you’ll need the mute the TV loudspeakers (volume = 0, muting usually causes modern TV to display a logo). Therefore you should try to connect the audio output of the TV to your amplifier and set the TV configuration to “use external speakers”.