HDMI and component AV options

I am about to buy a WD TV Live unit and want to be able to stream audio from my PC to my Hi-Fi stereo. The stereo only has the RCA plugs so I therefore need to connect the WD unit to the stereo using the component AV connection. I would then connect the WD unit to the TV using the HDMI connection. Is it possible to have both connections operating at the same time. I would only be using the WD unit to either watch a video on the TV or to play music on the stereo. I would never be using the unit to do both at the same time.

The Live SMP does not support component video.

HDMI and COMPOSITE are your only options.

Seeing as you need your tv to see what music you are playing on your unit, you can just run the HDMI into the tv and then send the audio signal from your tv to your stereo (assuming your tv has stereo audio outputs).

Yes, I realised after I had posted that I should have said composite. So the question still remains whether I can have the HDMI and Composite leads connected and working at the same time. The HDMI to the TV and the composite to the stereo amplifier. I only want to see what music I am playing on the TV but have the sound go through the composite connection to the stereo amplifier. As mentioned in the next reply, can I only get the sound to the stereo by way of the connectors on the back of the TV? Or can I turn the TV off after I’ve set-up the music and then just hear the sound through the composite connector to the stereo. If I have to take the sound from the back of the TV to the stereo amplifier is this going to diminish the sound quality going to the stereo?

I believe this could be done successsfully with the previous model because it had a YPbPr connector as well to the TV and not just HDMI.