HDMI / analog audio issue question

I have a Live Plus and am considering a new Streamer, but this comment posted in another forum concerns me, as it describes different behavior between the two units.  Since I also use my Live Plus as this member describes, I would have the same problem with the audio.  Can anyone confirm or deny this behavior?

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My Live Plus could output digital audio from HDMI and analog audio from the left/right RCAs simultaneously. My new Live Streaming outputs digital audio (HDMI or Optical) or analog audio, but not both. Considering I’m setup with HDMI in my home theater and analog for my Whole House Audio (not that unusual) this came as a big surprise. Is this a chipset issue or can this be resolved in firmware?


Perhaps my situation is not exactly like the one described, because I do not play the two audios “simultaneously,”  but I do feed both of these audio signals into my stereo amp.  In my case, the HDMI output of the Plus feeds the TV, and analog audio-out from TV feeds the stereo system.  Additionally, the analog audio of the Plus also feeds another input of the stereo amp.  In this way, I can select either source of audio from the WD Plus.  I do this so I can turn off the TV and still listen to audio-only source material from the Plus.

Does anyone know if this is still possible to do with the new streamer unit?

Well, I can tell you right now, in my WD TV Live Streaming I can’t use the HDMI and the RCA audio output at the same time.

I can’t speak about other receivers but my Integra Surround Pre/Pro only outputs analog when there is an analog input. So while everything in my home theater is HDMI I could still get analog out to my garage system through the Integra from the Live Plus as long as I also had the analog outputs of the Live Plus hooked up to the Integra. With the same hookup the Live Streaming outputs video and audio out of the HDMI but not audio out of the RCAs at the same time.

I have to say, I don’t have a conventional home theater in that I have one wall open to the rest of the house. So if I had a nice video concert playing during a party on the big screen, I can’t play the music on my WHA system which is all analog. Bummer.