HDMI 5.1 sound

Hi Everyone,

I’ve just got the WD live hd and wondering if I can get 5.1 DTS sound with the following set up.

I have a Denon 1311 AVR  and LG TV

Planning to connect WD live to Denon with hdmi cable. and Denon is already connected to TV with another hdmi.

I dont want to connect to many cables to the tv as it dont look good fixed on to the wall.

If you think this set up is not enough for real 5.1 dts sound than would it be ok to use a tosslink from wd to avr while hdmi is still on.

And what should my WD setting be? digital, right?

Manual says, hdmi sends only 2.0 sound and avr might process it as prologicII(not real 5.1)…

I dont want to open the box until I get an answer cause I want to return the product if that’s the case.

Thanks for all the prompt replies.

I have different brand AVR, but that’s exactly how mine was set up…

Live+ -->  Pioneer AVR (hdmi) --> Panasonic TV (hdmi)

Works perfect.

You should set it to DIGITAL

Thanks a lot.

Hope that’s the case. I will try today and will post the results.