HDD waking up from sleep every hour

What is the deal with the disks waking up every now and then?
Is this too difficult to check this and have a new firmware without this issue?

Any workaround for this on OS5?

It’s very frustrating to see that every update is worst than the previous one.
I’m following this thread for a long time because I had this issue with My Cloud OS 3, I continued having this issue with version 5. And after 2 years, I’m still having the same issue that every time, everyone is experimenting.
What can I do if I have bought this NAS and after 2 years it is still having issues on the firmware and WD stuff is not able to fix it?
I was very patient, but I’ve seen references to this bug in a lot of updates, and it never was fixed at all.

Hello people, after update to version 5.19.117 I have to say that finally, after many trials from WD with the previous versions, my EX2 Ultra it’s working as it should. With no devices at all in the network, it wakes up by itself only once, around 10:00 AM, to contact NTP servers and check for updates.

Is it just me or I’m on 5.20.113 and it is still waking up every hour?!

Yes, 5.20.113 still doesn’t resolve the issue.

Still broken in 5.21.104 ? WD can you please give a ETA for this fix.

Don’t waste your breath.

They claim to have fixed it with the monthly patch about 20 times. No improvement.
The apps (like plex) don’t help matters. . .some apps (like plex) will also wake up the machine based upon it’s settings

incredible but true. say goodbye to wd

lo mismo me pasa :rage:

Is this ever going to be fixed? It happens evry 20 minutes or so!

Nope it is very clear WD does not care as this has been an issue for YEARS. We do get the occasional reference in the firmware update log that this is fixed and it never is. I power down and physically remove the power cord on my NAS and leave it off unless I need to access files. I also have index off otherwise WD NAS spend DAYS and even WEEKS with not stop indexing. Just pathetic. It is pain in the !@#$ but don’t want my drives dying nor my NAS so warm with constant indexing and wake ups.

On firmware 5.23.114 my hdd wake up too much. Please fix it. Previous firmware was ok.

This has been broke for YEARS!. I do have simple fix. I shutdown my WD NAS when not used and only use it for periodic backups.

This is my approach as well.

Any progress with this ussue? I bought WD mycloud ex2 ultra few days ago and my HDD always wake up after few minutes of sleep. I have latest update, sleep function is on, no plex, no twonky etc. I completly disabled internet connection on router to prevent any internet tasks (update check etc).

Nothing helped and my hdd still running almost non stop.

(I have 2 wd blue in raid)

After the latest update 5.25.132, I don’t see any logs for HDD awake or stand by.
Any others with this issue? did the update get rid of the HDD awake standby logging or it just simply means the HDD is now always on.