HDD stopping

I have Western Digital Blue WD7500BPVT-80HXZT3 on board drive. Using certain programs such as, office, visual studio, photoshop, hdd stops for three секондс periodically, and then starts again, the system hanging while the disk is fully stopped. How to fix it? I’ve heard about intelliPack function. How to disable it? Thanks

Do you mean you have a Blue drive as a non-system drive connected via SATA that adds a delay? Or is this a system drive which is doing it? In the first case, you are probably running into a situation where the drive goes to sleep after a period of inactivity, usually after 30 minutes, and waking it up takes a few seconds as the platters spin-up. I’ve seen the same thing with Black drives and I still have not figured out how to prevent it.

Yes. It’s the system HDD on-boad to the notebook inside. It use SATA II interface. No. It stops periodically in 1,2 or 3 minutes for two or three seconds. When I’m using Visual Studio ©, Microsoft Word ©, or Adobe Photoshop © the hdd stops whirling, but when I run chkdsk, or when I’m using internte browser it working  fine. I changed WD HDD twice because of this problem, but it’s still here. I guess it’s energy-saving function, but when I’m using in full performance, the troble repeated as well.

If you swapped the drives and the problem remained, it’s not them. That’s bizarre behavior. I’d guess it would have to be a laptop firmware problem. It’s not a SATA mismatch because both laptop and drives are SATA II. Those drives are 5400 rpm and I wonder if a 7200 rpm Scorpio Black would be better (certainly from a throughput point of view). Sorry, I’m no help.

I asked laptop provider and he recommend me to ask for Western Digital support. My BIOS firmware has the latest version.