HDD speed reduced and then stopped working

Hello WD,

Around five months back my passport drive’s performance reduced. The data access from it became a tedious task (time taking).
After a month, this issue with it was reported by many of my flat mates.
And then it became nearly impossible to navigate through folders in it.

Now from last two months, it is nearly dead. The white pilot lamp light twinkles but unable to feel or hear any movement in it. And off course, It did not get detected now in any of the laptops around me. (Tried 12 – 13 laptops)
There is no any desktop around otherwise I would have tried to access and diagnose it on that too.

I tried using my friend’s WD HDD connecting USB cable too, to check if mine is damaged. But only my HDD is not responding.

I tried Disk Management tool provided by Windows 7 too. But no luck…

I am not sure what to do… Kindly suggest something.

(If the suggestion is to send it to WD centre, then please tell me the address of the nearest centre too or any other easiest way, but with full details)

Thanks in advance,


Pune, Maharashtra,

The drive failed and needs to be replaced

contact  WD

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