HDD Sentinel is warning of imminent Disk Failure

After one of my hard disks went down, I decided to start running HDD Sentinel - I must say a great program.

Now it has been showing one of my WD 2TB Greens is about to fail. It says the drives health as of today is down to 2% and mentions numerous errors on the disk.

Because of the major flashing red warnings, I decided to buy another WD 2TB Green and copy everything waiting for the failure to occur.

WD Util program is telling me the drive is OK - but HDD Sentinel (which I trust) is telling me that the drive is so degregated that it must be replaced (which I have done). So the problem is, I now have a 2TB which I don’t trust one bit sitting in my computer where WD Util is telling me all is perfect.

I would like to get this drive replaced as it is still under warranty.

WD - What do you suggest? That I continue to use a drive that is obviously failing and if I put data on it and the HDD fails, will you recover the data for free because your software says its OK when other software is telling it is on death’s door.
 Or will you replace it for me if I request an RMA?



I have just finished an indepth scan and the program crashed citing too many bad sectors, but low and behold the WD testing software still passes it, even though the program got terminated.

WD - Please inform me as to what I am supposed to do now.


As you can see - Although the program stopped working and crashed it STILL says its OK.

Please contact the RMA department to get the unit replaced.

You can do so either by phone or email. You can also create the request in our website.