HDD SATA-II 1.5TB 64MB 7200RPM WD15EARS very slow

Today I’ve bought the hard drive and it’s very slow. I’m now copying a content of 124GB from my first hard drive(Caviar Green 500GB SATA I, I don’t know the right model) with <5MB/s. I’ve tried copying the file in both WIndows 7 x64bit and Ubuntu 11.10 x64bit, but no difference. I’ve tried changing the slot on the MB(Asus P5QPL-AM) to another SATA slot but still no changes. I’ve also tried changing the SATA cables from a harddrive to another but still nothing. At the POST(when turning on my computer), when it’s detecting the harddrives, it says SATA1(the current slot my new harddrive is insterted): IDE drive or something like that. Can somebody help me making the new harddrive run faster please?

Fixed. Uninstalled it from Device Manager, shut down the pc, unplugged the harddrive, started pc, turned off, plugged the harddrive, started pc, still slow but after about one hour of copying, it started with a better speed >50MB/s

Now I’ve got the problem again :expressionless:

what is your OS ??

You have to do an advanced format … did you do that?

Windows 7 x64Bit, but the problem appears on Ubuntu 11.10 x64bit too. But now it’s working again…

PC Specs: Intel Core 2 Quad Q8300 @ 2.5GHz, ASUS P5QPL-AM MB, 4GB RAM DDR2, ATI Radeon HD 5570 1GB… 

can tou please use HDtune and make a read scan please?

use the latest one and not the free 2.55 … Its a new drive with adavnced format that 2.55 may not work correctly

another thing use that drive for storage… its a 5400 RPM drive and not 7200

It’s a 7200RPM. I think that’s how it acts when it’s new… because now it’s working again at full speed, but sometimes when I just turn on the computer it’s slow.