Hdd powers down then up again, crashes xp

I’ve had this computer in, the hdd had failed.

I replaced the hdd, and restored windows.

After it installed Microsoft Office 2003 Standard, the Hard Disk Drive audibly powered down, then powered back up again. At this point, windows had frozen.

Powering the machine off and back on again was the only thing that would bring it back to life.

The hdd powering down and back up again causing it to crash has happened again a few times while I’ve been in it’s care, but I can’t figure out why.

I have checked the power connectors to see if they are loose, they appear fine.

How do I diagnose the fault further?

Is it powering down after your away from the pc for a while or while your using it? Plug the drive in a diffrent plug from your power supply. If it still does it, then your gonna have to RMA the drive.