HDD Not Recognised

After I accidentally dropped my USB hard drive last week my USB port broke on the original WD case.  I bought a new disk enclosure to put the hard  drive in.  I also downloaded the western digital smartware and WD SES driver. In Device Manager my USB hard drive is there.   I am running windows 7 pro and in windows explorer my USB western digital isn’t showing up.  How do I access the USB hard drive without being showed up in Windows explorer? Can anyone help?

I don’t want be the guy with the bad news but probably that’s not going to work. However, you can access via Disk Management, also you can use either Recuva or Photorec to recover the information.

If you dropped the drive it’s probably beyond do it yourself fixes. If this is a drive that came with Smartware it will be hardware encrypted. Any data recovered without the bridge board will be encrypted and useless.


Format the hard drive and is working fine.  Also the new case doesn’t like USB side ports on the desktop computer and have to use one on the back of the computer