HDD not found on my network

First off, thanks for whatever help I can get here.  I am not really technically inclined, but I’m not completely lost either, I don’t think.  Anyway, my HDD had been working without any problems for a good while.  We recently moved into a new place and we got the new internet connection up and running and things seemed to be going ok. I connected my HDD to the router and it’s not showing up on my network.  I can’t acess it using my laptop, iPad, iPhone, nor any of my wife’s devices. I downloaded the setup software from WD and ran through that and the program says no device found.  I restarted the HDD, restarted the router, changed ports on the router, used a new cable , and I still can’t get it connected. Any suggestions?

Have you done a device reset?

Yes. No difference.

I am willing to bet that your MBL was set up with a static IP at your old place. And now the router you using at the new place has a different range of IP addresses it assigns for which the static ### is not part of.   For example, the old static IP might have been  while the new router has a range of -  .  You need to attach the MBL to the old router (even it is isnt connected to teh internet) and go into the MBL to the Dashboard and make sure the Network setting is not on ‘Static’.  It must be on Dynamic.  Then attach to new router and see what happens - it should connect.  Then you enter Dashboard and change the IP back to Static. 

The suggestion of ‘doing a device reset’ using the pin hole on teh back of the device  also resets the device to Dynamic. So that option should have worked if you did it correctly.

If this does not work, then most likely your MBL got damage in your move.  Your next step is to use one of the debrick guides on ths forum. You will not lose your data.