HDD makes scratching noise for 1/2 second when I shutdown PC?

Is this noraml?  When I shut down my PC I just built the very last noise the system makes is a scratching noise for 1/2 second coming from the HDD.  

It’s a Blue, 500GB, 7200 rpm. 

The model # is:  WD5000AAKXSP

Thanks.  Hopefully it’s normal… I’ve shutdown the machine more than 50 times… if it was scratching or there was a problem I would have thought it would have completely broke by now.  Hope it’s ok.

Ok, problem update:

I found the noise that was coming from the HDD when I shut down the system on the internet: (it’s at 1:13) It’s apparently an emergency shutdown. How can I get it to shutdown properly? 


You may run an Extended Test to your hard drive, using DLG