HDD LEDs continue to flash after backup finished

I ave backed up both computers and the HDD LEDs continue to flash. My question is how long will these LEDs continue to flash before the unit goes to sleep?

It may depend somewhat on what you transferred and what services you have active on your MCM.

Most likely it is cataloging and indexing items like pictures and media, which may take a while depending on what you backed up (and in what format, whether they are backed up as normally accessible files or some form of compressed backup).

It’s one of those “how long is a piece of string” questions I think…

Hi Darren

Thanks for info and the swift reply. First of all I backed up my wife’s computer and then I backed up mine, which completed about 12 hours ago. Total capacity used roughly 1051Gb and around 2.88TB free space. I don’t know about active services as I don’t know where to look. All I have done is backup the two computers.

Does the MCM unit catalogue and index all our photos, videos and music after both our backups have been completed? I notice that there is a man icon to the right of the blue bar at the top of the screen giving the option of ‘hibernate, reboot or logout’. Do I need to click hibernate or logout each time have finished with the MCM unit?

Thanks in advance your time and patience.

Regards Dave

It’s always worth clicking logout whenever you leave the dashboard, in case you need to access it again from another device. If you click hibernate then you’ll effectively turn the device off, so don’t do that unless it’s what you mean (if you do then you can wake it up again using the WD quickview app on your PC if you’ve installed it). If by “man icon” you mean the head-and-shoulders button on the top-right with the drop-down arrow beside it, that’s the normal icon for the access menu (for logout/reboot/hibernate).

By default the MCM will catalogue all media moved onto it if you have web access enabled, or the DLNA server active. I don’t recall if they are enabled by default or not, as it’s been a while since I set mine up (and I have neither active).

In any case if you just wait it should chew through the files and get everything catalogued, although it can take a while. Or else go into the dashboard and switch off any services that you’re not actually using. Indeed doing that is a good idea anyway is it saves on resources within the MCM and can make it run more smoothly and respond more quickly.

Hi Darren

I’ll just let it run and see what happens. Web access and DLNA not enabled. If I logout will the weekly backup still switch itself on at the correct time, or will I have to logon again?

Thanks again, Dave

The log-in is just for direct access to the dashboard to use that for configuration or whatever. It will have no effect at all on back-ups, which will use their own log-in etc.

It’s good practice to log out when you finish though, as you can only be logged in from one IP address, so if you just close without logging out, the session remains active and if you try to log in again from another IP address on your network you won’t be able to until the first session times out (or you go back to the first machine and log back in from there).

Hi Darren

Many thanks once again for the info and much appreciated.

Regards Dave