HDD LED are red on my cloud EX2

Hello All,

Yesterday I tried to clean up cables and everything in our small business room and I found that our backup system (WD My Cloud EX2) is off. Then I powered it on and found that power LED is steady blue and the other two LED related to HDDs are steady red. Following are the things that I have done so far:

1- 4-second reset
2- 20-second reset
3- format HDDs

Non of them worked and i still have the same problem. HDD specification is 2x2GB HDD WD Red.
Also I can’t connect to the GUI.

Please advise in this case.

Thank you!

I have searched in the internet to solve it, but all problems are related the power LED not the HDD LED


See if the following link helps

Thank you ERmorel! but in fact i cannot access to my UI. The problem is I cannot do anything with my EX2.