HDD issue

i recently purchased an External 1TB WD my book essential from the store. not long after my nephew managed to rip the usb out of the back and ended up breaking the usb port on the back of the external… so i decided to pull it apart and install it internally into my pc… everything works except, windows 7 is showing me i only have 32MB of free space on the hard drive…

*note: yes all my drivers are up to date, Bios is up to date etc…

is this a compatibility issues in windows 7? or are WD hard drives just ■■■■ that you cant just swap from external to internal?

because i have 2 other hard drives which are 2TB each and both use to be external and work perfectly internally all with sata interfaces & no jumper setting &^%$.

My guess is that you’re only seeing the VCD / Smartware partition.   That may be a function of the proprietary SATA bridge.

I would suggest you post your issue in the correct forum.  Maybe someone has had the same experience.