HDD does not show the vendor name as WD

I have a question, why does wd hdd WD6002FZWX have the vendor name as Hitachi ?


Well, HGST is a subsidiary of WD. But where are you seeing this?

He probably saw it under Properties/Vendor. As pointed out, WD bought Hitachi (HGST) a few years ago so Hitachi could make drives for WD! Be glad it is by Hitachi, they made great drives when they were on their own; I have quite a few of them. in laptops and as external desktop drives.

I got the info from PC Doctor ToolBox

Product Version: 7.0.6852.68
Vendor: Hitachi
Model Number: WDC WD6002FZWX-00GBGB0

All my other drives indicate WD as the Vendor, just wanted to be sure it was an original from WD ?