HDD does not appear in Sentinel DS5100

My Sentinel DS5100 does not seem to recognize the HDD, when I access the BIOS I do not see any HDD, only the network cards, can it be a hardware problem or a configuration issue?

I am not 100% sure they show in BIOS
I would start a server install and use have disc and provide the marvel raid drivers and see what happens.
Links are around here for them

I know these are old post but I am hopeful you are still around Gramps and can help me. I bought at auction one of these DS5100. It came with the two SSD but no operating system. I tried to install windows 10 but it does not see the two SSD and requested disc with drivers. I tried linux and again it did not see the SSDs. I have not pulled the SSDs to verify they are good. Thought I would ask about the marvel drivers you mentioned that links would be around here. Suggestion how I can learn more about this. Thought it would be just like a regular computer and I could just install any linux os with now problem.

No clue about *nix. You are correct they are not ssd’s but they actually used AV drives. If it had 2 it was probably a DS6100
but anyway, here are the raid drivers