HDD dead? (WD1002FAEX)

I recently bought a Western Digital Caviar Black 1tb from Newegg.  After some time, I finally installed my hard drive into the computer.  I plugged the system back in and when I first powered it on, I heard a whirring sound during startup.  The sound started to become softer in volume and eventually disapeared as the system progressed through start up.  After, I powered down the system the sound came back until the computer was completely off for a few seconds.  I then looked in my computer, took out the hard drive, stuck it back in and put back all the wires, to make sure I installed it correctly.  On the second time, the whirring sound was louder than the first and it was occuring for as long as the system was on.  The next day, I was about to call customer service, but I wanted to double-check.  I removed the hard drive again and plugged it back in.  To my surprise, the sound stopped, so I decided to check the hard drive.  I downloaded Data Lifeguard Diagnostic for Windows and ran an extended test.  The hard drive passed.  I then decided to format and backup my files onto that drive.  When I tried to backup, the software could not find the drive.  I opened an explorer window, and the new drive that I just partitioned was not there.  I went into disk management and found that the drive was unallocated, like it was before I partitioned it.  I think I should send the drive back to Newegg to get it replaced, but im not sure.     Any thoughts?

the derive is bricked off course :slight_smile:

you could do a low-level format on the drive (using the WLG tools)

but if after doing that it still acts finicky, id just RMA it to newegg and get them to send you out a new one.