HDD compatibility


I was wondering if this WD Elements HDD is compatible with the SMP as I’m thinking of buying for it.


Should be fine.  (You would think a Western Digital HDD would work with a Western Digital Media Player)  :wink:

i was going to buy this drive as well but there are long discussions on this forum about USB3.0 drives not working properly using the rear USB port.  Was holding off until I heard something definitive.

Expectations can be misleading :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m asking because I’ve also read about some USB 3.0 problems and I wanted to be sure.

I have the 500GB verison of the Elements and it works fine.

The USB 3.0 issue only seems to have affected certain people, but I have not had any issues.  Results may vary though.

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SMP rev -01 has a issues with any drives USB 3.0
Here the details:


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I have the rev-01 so guess I’ll have to stay with my small Samsung USB2.0 drive that works fine.  Not hopeful of a solution looking at that long threads on the issue.  Could use the front port but that will spoil the asthetics.

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I don’t mind using the front port.

From what I’ve read in the other topic the problem exists in the rear port.

The compatibility list in the Support site is very poor and I’d also expect from WD to support their own products.