HDD bricked

I have a WD 320GB HDD
Model: WD3200BEVT - 00A23T0

It was modified by a software called hddhacker in order to work on XBOX 360 
During the process a file called UNDO.BIN is generated so I can be able to restore my drive. After a while I wanted to restore the HDD to use it on my pc, but I lost the UNDO.BIN file so I used another fil wich was for the 320GB BEVT series but a different model so it bricked my drive.

If I open it through a Hex editor it appears blank and in EaseUS partition master is seen as unsupported disk.

How can I fix this drive?

Meh… All these xbox modz kitz and stuff are more trouble then they’re worth. You’ll hear the same on HDDguru.

You are saying I can’t recover it now? I now want it back to normal I don’t want it in a modded state

The mod is easy and automated by the X360USB HDD hacker

But after I flashed the wrong file to the HDD. It  can’t see the HDD
Any help will be appreciated.

Is there a way to flash the firmware to the HDD now givien  its empty

The fact of the matter is you have a dead disk with a microcontroller on it that’s trying to run code it can’t, for whatever reason. I’m assuming it can’t even bootsrap itself into something that can be read by a terminal program.

I have no idea what file you flashed, or what was in the file. And I do not know how much was flashed… These are all uncertainties that can be properly fixed with pro-level tools only.

Typically at the very minimum you might get something called HD DOCTOR SUITE from SalvationData . This will give you the hardware necessary to bootstrap and flash the microcontroller & rom. You’ll also get access to the correct firmware. It’s been a while since I checked the price, but I’d estimate around $500-$800 for the kit.

There are could be other more time intensive ways of doing this manually, but I don’t take that route anymore. Time is money these days. And in this case, it’s best to just trash the drive and buy a new one.