HDD 1 SMART Health Status: Failed

Just received the following message from my new (under 2 months) World Book (2TB) which does not sound good.  Is there anyway I can get more information about the dive condition or is this terminal.

HDD 1 SMART Health Status: Failed.
on Mon Nov 15 14:14:23 GMT 2010

I am having the same error. Did you find anything yet?

Also, my connection keeps dropping. I can not get the drive to automatically retrieve a new license when it expires. Then I have to reboot the device manually, which will not work when i travel.

This is not necessarily immediately terminal but it is a sign that the internal drive is failing.

The first thing to is to copy your data off of the drive immediately.  Once this is done, it’s probably best to just get a warranty replacement for the My Book World.  We’ll get you a working My Book World, just make sure all of your data are backed up.

If you’re really curious about the drive and you have a My Book World Edition II, you can power down the MBW, then pull the bad drive and put it on another computer and run our Data Lifeguard Diagnostics for Windows and view the SMART info.  But if you have a single-drive unit don’t do this–it’ll void the warranty.

Many thanks for the info, problem is finding a spare 2TB of storage to remove the data !!!

Unit is only a singl e drive unit so not option to remove it, is there a way to remote on using shell access to interigate the drive ?



You can enable SSH under Services in the Network Storage Manager, but I don’t believe the drive has smartmontools installed, so I don’t think you’ll be able to get a lot of information about the SMART status.

Finding a place to stash 2 TB of data can be tough.  You might want to create an Advance RMA, where we authorize your credit card and then send you the replacement first.  You’ll have the drive within 2-5 business days and you can copy your data over easily that way.

Many thanks for the heads up, could you confirm that the Advance RMA service is available in the UK.

Also, should I only get the SMART failure message once (just trying to work out it this is a rouge message), or I should get repeat messages (on power up, daily or weekly etc.) as I have only so far had the one message.



Well I had to reboot the mybook (it had locked up, and took several power cycles to get it working again), once it was up and running I got another SMART failure mesage (after about half an hour) so I think that puts the nail in the coffin for the drive and means I need to replace it / get it repaired :cry:

If you could confirm that I can do an Advance RMA from the UK then I will pursue that route.



Yup, Advance RMAs are available in the US, Canada, and the EU, so you can definitely create an advance RMA online here:


My advice is to use the drive as little as possible until you receive the replacement.  Usually I recommend powering down the drive but if you’re having trouble bringing it up, it might be best to let it keep running.

I have tried to process a return but I keep getting a message saying the following:

“Your account has been set up as a WD Reseller. If you would like to create an RMA online as a reseller, please go to the Reseller Home Page.”

How do I change my account so that it is not classified as a Reseller (I could not find anything in my user porfile page to do this) ?



I recommend that you contact our support line, I assure you  any of our support team will be more than happy to update your account to a end user customer.  You can do so either by phone or email.

To Contact WD for Technical Support

We can definitely fix that, but you’ll need to call technical support to do so.   You can get contact information from the following site:


It will still be slightly faster to get the account fixed and then set up the RMA online, but of course we can definitely get your RMA set up over the phone too so that you’re taken care of in just one call.