HD won't turn off, light on, not showing up on Mac

Hi everyone,

My HD (My Book Home Edition 1 TB) won’t seem to turn off.  The light is on and the HD itself is warm and there is a slight humming sound, but it doesn’t sound like the drive is actually running (no whirring sounds).  It is not showing up on my desktop.  I don’t know what to do.  Even if I try to manually turn it off using the power button, nothing happens.  Is there anything I can do??  Preferably something that doesn’t require me taking apart the HD (I’m not all that technically savvy).  Will my files be gone if my HD ever decides to work again??  Thanks for any help.

Okay, never mind.  The power supply to my HD is hooked up to a power strip, so I turned off the power strip and the HD was turned off and turned back on when the power strip turned back on.  Didn’t lose any files and everything seems to be working fine again!! :slight_smile: