HD will not initialize or format

Hello all,

I am trying to hook up an older IDE HD of mine to my newer mb, which is running my primary drive through SATA. The drive I am trying to hook up is simply for back up storage. I am using it as a single drive, connected on master and jumper is set to master. ( I have tried all variations of master, master/slave, cs, and nothing at all to no avail)

Yes, my cables are connected correctly, and I have tried every jump config there is.

My drive shows up in BIOS, it shows up in disk managment on the bottom left hand side box as an “unknown disk 0, not initialized” the box to the bottom right shows the space as “unallocated” When I right click to initialize the drive, I get an  error from the logical disk manager that says: “An unexpected error has occurred. Check the system event log for more information on the error. CLose the disk managemnet console, then restard disk management or restart the computer”

SInce I cannot initialize the drive, I do not have the option to create a new partition because the option is greyed out.

So, in a nutshell. Bios recognizes drive, disk management recognizes drive but wont let me initialize. My computer does not see the drive because of that.

Any ideas what so ever? I have spent the last 8 hours trying to fix this :frowning:

Do you have EIDE enabled in the BIOS?  I’d check the BIOS first to make sure that you have ports and everything dealing with EIDE properly configured.  Some boards don’t work with both EIDE and SATA.   Make sure yours isn’t one of them.