HD WDBBGB0080HBK-EESN 8TB My-Book is sudently read-only

My WD HD WDBBGB0080HBK-EESN 8TB My-Book was farmated with exFAT.
After working few monthts OK, sudently changed read-only.
I can’t change this to regular read/write modus.
Using DISKPART with fokus on this HD with “attributes disk clear readonly” does not help.
It still shows:
“* Datenträger 3 Online 7452 GB 0 B *”
(Free storage is steel 0 Bytes)

Using “DISKPART> detail disk” shows:
WD My Book 25EE USB Device
Datenträger-ID: “{43C33C9B-396F-4271-8B5E-F6115AEE982C}”
Typ : “USB”
Status : “Online”
Pfad : “0”
Ziel : “0”
LUN-ID : “0”
Speicherortpfad : “UNAVAILABLE”
Aktueller schreibgeschützter Zustand: Nein
Schreibgeschützt : Nein (not read-only protection)
Startdatenträger : Nein
Auslagerungsdatei-Datenträger : Nein
Ruhezustandsdatei-Datenträger : Nein
Absturzabbild-Datenträger : Nein
Clusterdatenträger : Nein
Volume 6 F 8TBwdB#f2g$ exFAT Partition 7452 GB Fehlerfrei

HD is steel read only

How may I solve this issue?

Hello M_E1,

Try and download the WD Drive Utilities to format the drive on your computer and to test the drive for any error.

Hello Neo33,

thanks for answer, but my intention is to
solve the problem with unwanted and suddently „read-only“ setting,
not to format the exFAT drive full with my data.

I don`t have another 8TB drive to copy the
data from the „read-only“ drive, to new format this drive.

I just want to continue to use the drive
as intendet: as a „read-write“ data drive.

Please help my to solve this „read-only“
problem with my WDBBGB0080HBK-EESN 8TB My-Book.

Thank you