HD WDBBGB0080HBK-EESN 8TB My-Book is sudently read-only

My WD HD WDBBGB0080HBK-EESN 8TB My-Book was farmated with exFAT.
After working few monthts OK, sudently changed read-only.
I can’t change this to regular read/write modus.
Using DISKPART with fokus on this HD with “attributes disk clear readonly” does not help.
It still shows:
“* Datenträger 3 Online 7452 GB 0 B *”
(Free storage is steel 0 Bytes)

Using “DISKPART> detail disk” shows:
WD My Book 25EE USB Device
Datenträger-ID: “{43C33C9B-396F-4271-8B5E-F6115AEE982C}”
Typ : “USB”
Status : “Online”
Pfad : “0”
Ziel : “0”
LUN-ID : “0”
Speicherortpfad : “UNAVAILABLE”
Aktueller schreibgeschützter Zustand: Nein
Schreibgeschützt : Nein (not read-only protection)
Startdatenträger : Nein
Auslagerungsdatei-Datenträger : Nein
Ruhezustandsdatei-Datenträger : Nein
Absturzabbild-Datenträger : Nein
Clusterdatenträger : Nein
Volume 6 F 8TBwdB#f2g$ exFAT Partition 7452 GB Fehlerfrei

HD is steel read only

How may I solve this issue?

Hello M_E1,

Try and download the WD Drive Utilities to format the drive on your computer and to test the drive for any error.