HD WD7500BPVT is corrupt, Looking to retrieve the data pls help me


My laptop last week gave ther error :"A DISK READ ERROR PRESS CTRL+ATL+DEL TO RESTART. So I gave my laptop to service center, there they checked  and said HD is corrupted. I asked them can i get back my data presented in my HD. For that they said they need hard disk of same specification like the one present in my Laptop i.e HD should contain same Part number, model number and all to retrieve the data. I searched for the part number of my HD in internet i couldn’t find it. Following are my question:

  1. Can I get back my data from HD?

  2. Will i get the HD of same specification i.e including Part number should be same?

  3. In WD for all WD7500BPVT-24HXZT1 model HD part number will be unique? or different? and also will it contain same specification?

  4. IF “YES” for where i can get that HD?

  5. Is WD uses part number for HD?

  6. What is difference between part number and model number?

Thanks in advance,

Sakthi V Rajan


In order to recover the data of your drive I recommend that you contact a data recovery company.  WD has a list of recommended preferred data recovery partners that you can use for data recovery services.

I recommend that you checkout the following link for more information and in order to get some of the answers to your questions: 

How to recover data on a drive, obtain a circuit board, repair a drive, or find a list of WD data recovery partners