HD WD10EZEX not recognized

Last weekend I bought a new hard drive to upgrade my PC (WD10EZEX 1TB). I have an ASUS K8V SE motherboard and my hard drive is not recognized by my pc at all. I am receiving an error code during the stsrtup of my pc (hardware initiate failed). I have searched for solutions on the internet for a couple of days but without luck I hope you can help me. My knowledge about adding hard drive is quite limiting but I am still eager to do it myself :slight_smile:

Hi the reason the motherboard will not find it is the Sata controller on the board which is a Via (VT8237) it will not support a 1 tb Sata 3 drive. . The drive you chose is a Sata 3 drive it will never work on your motherboard you need a Sata 2 drive and use a jumper to restrict it to Sata 1 speeds. So you may as well return that drive and try to find a Sata 2 drive. Sorry but those are the facts. I will add I have a pc with the same Via controller and I was never able to get a 1 TB Sata 2 drive to work, the motherboard I have has a silicon image controller as well and it did work from that controller. Your Board has a second controller also it is a Promise Raid controller you may get a Sata 2 1 TB drive tro work from it.

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As a recommendation, check the specifications for the mother board to make sure that the drive is fully compatible.

Also,check on the bios of the computer to see if the drive is being fully recognize.

Are you adding this drive as a secondary unit or primary as a bootable drive? Make sure that you are using a original windows installation disk. to install the OS on the new drive.


In addition to what Hammey said, take a look at the following KB article.


thanks for your help. I returned the Sata 3 drive to the shop and got my refund after I filed some complaints about the guy trying to sell a Sata3 drive for my current motherboard. I was able to buy a Sata 1 drive (320GB) in a computer store just around the corner which is working brilliantly. It installed without any problems at all.

Does this also apply to the Asus P8 Z68-V Pro?.

New drive install and visable in DOS and Drive manager but I can assign a drive letter or complete a format.  Dribve can be made active. 


Hi no the other board is very old and has a older Via chipset it should be fine in your board