Hd taking long to detect and read contents

hey team,
I have 1 TB MY passport Ultra. i have been facing issue where my HD is taking around 25 - 30 mins to detect. even after it is detected if i try to access the drive then it takes a while to open around 5- 10 mins. the same applies to the folders and sub-folders in it. also if i open any content then it will hang my pc also if i copy any content from it to my pc then it will take around 5 hrs/1gb to copy.
guys please help me resolving the issue. also assist whether formatting the HD will resolve the issue.??.

Hi there, based on the details you have provided, it sounds like the drive might be data corrupted. You can test the unit for defects, and also format the drive to see if the issue persists. Below are some links with information and some troubleshooting steps.

thanks for the reply,
i downloaded the software and tried to test my HD but my HD fails the smart status. and in the description there is no mention on what to do if it fails the SMART Status. so please can you help me out with it???