HD read in windows but not in mac

Hello, I have a WD My Book Essencial 2 TB 3.0 HD.  It is formatted mac with a GUID table and formatted HFS, it had worked perfectly for 3 years on my imac.  Now for the last couple of months, OSX 10.10 mounts de drive but then after 5 seconds it gets disconected.  I have reformated and nothing.  The strange thing is that if I use my windows 8.1 partition using bootcamp on the same imac, the drive works perfectly, it even reads the HFS drive because of bootcamp drivers.

Any ideas why it won´t work in OSX 10.10 but with windows it does??



Hello ther and welcome to the WD community.

We have passed this along to support.

having the same problem.  We switched from a PC to an iMac and cannot access files.  Have you heard anything from Support?