HD randomly disconnecting from the PC !HELP!

Hey, I have a new WD 500GB essentials hard drive, every time I try to open a file or copy files across from the HD it will disconnect from the computer and then reconnect. This also happens when the HD is being scanned by McAfee. The hard drive hasn’t been dropped or damaged, apart from having a few outer case scratches, that happened when I moved it from one side of my desk to the other, my ring caught it and yeah a scratch was born. This problem with the hard drive disconnecting isn’t only applicable to my PC I have a few others and the same thing happens. If ANYONE has any ideas as to how I could fix this problem let me know.

I need it in the next week I have a University assignment due on Friday and I can’t print or copy any folders. HELP!

Try connecting the hard drive to another computer, the power cable to another power socket. If the same problem continues, try using a data recovery program. Check the disk manager, if it shows up there you should be able to use one.