HD problem

I put the new HD in a USB enclosure to run WD’s lifeguard tools on it (the HD is not meant to be in a computer but a NAS).

The DLGDIAG program confuses me by saying:

Test Result: FAIL
Test Error Code: 08-Too many bad sectors detected.

But this means the drive is bad, right?

This means the drive needs to be replaced

Can it REALLY BE that WD’s DLG program expets the drive to be formatted first???

When I tried the full test the program gave up and said too many errors.

Then I asked Windows to do a full format (not just a quick format), which took a day… then i tried DLG’s program again and so far its reported no errors (still has 4 and a half hour to go so i suppose there is still time)

But that would be really stupid if it requires the drive to be formatted, it supposed to be a test of the drive not the a filesystem.

Strange indeed!