HD not visible in wifi network after conversion to ntfs


I got WDTV live with two WD HD (0,5 TB and 1TB). The 0,5 was FAT32 previously but I converted to NTFS with formatting it before. When it was FAT32 I could see in my home wifi network (router ASUS RT- N56U) on laptop with Windows7 64bit with no problems as a shared device. Immediatelly after conversion it has vanished, only 1TB which is still FAT32 I can see now. I tried everything on WD (reset, restoring factory defaults, re-installin the firmware ect), doesn’t work. 

Please somebody help me, 

Thanks regards


The drives are connected to your router or to the WD TV Live?

To WD TV Live directly.

Ok, try to connect the drive that is formatted in NTFS to your computer, look for a folder named WD TV, delete that folder and make sure that you safely remove the drive from the computer, then try again to connect the drive to the WD TV.

I did as you said - exactly the same, again only FAT is visible. There were some problems at the begining during WD TV folder removal - one file seemed to be corrupted or damaged but I did it finally (may be the fact is meaningful) after having reboot my WIn. What else…i compared all credentials on both HDs, looks the same. The only difference is I can see FAT labelled with WD icon in my computer and ntfs is listed without it. I don’t know why - ntfs was formated before conversion from FAT, may be it lost some qualities? Kind of **bleep** indeed.