HD not readable, wrong capacity

Hi everyone from not a macbook guru :(,

My passport essential (wdmew2500te) after a light fall is not recognizable by my macbook (1st image). The Disk Utility sees it but states for it a wrong capacity size, 2 TB instead of 250 GB (2nd image). Why is that? What can I do? The selection “repair disk” and the others in the Utility are not available and I can’t see the disk in Finder neither… What’s going on?? I tried using another cable but it didn’t work. I also downloaded the drivers WD+TURBO_Installer_v_1_1_0 but nothing… HELP!

Thanks in advance


1st image


2nd image

That issue usually caused by corrupted firmware.

Try download the new firmware and update it.


You need to update it from a PC windows machine.

Your drive may have a stiction fault. Stiction occurs when the heads land on a smooth section of the platters instead of their normal landing zone, or load/unload ramp.

See http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Stiction#Hard_disk_drives
Stiction forces can often be overcome with gentle “percussive maintenance”.

This thread may interest you (it has a couple of success stories):

See the warnings on page 5 of the following article.

Disk Drive Science (Steve Legg):

Your computer is probably detecting the USB-SATA bridge chip inside the enclosure rather than the drive itself. That’s possibly the reason the nonsensical capacity report.