HD losing USB Connection

Hi, I hope someone can help me out with this. I’ve searched and searched and have so far come up blank. For some reason, last night, my drive (an older My Book with the green ring light) decided to quit on me. All of a sudden, I got the USB disconnected sound, then a few seconds later, the connected sound and it kept doing this in a loop. I’ve tried different power supplies, USB cables, even tried it on 2 more comps. I actually had it working for about an hour earlier, now gone again. It spins, I can see it in My Computer, I can click into it, but as soon as I do, it looses connection again. Sods law, I was due to do a back up of my recent work to another drive this week. If I could just get it to be stable to allow me to transfer 2 large files I’d be happy… Any help would be greatly appreciated. I’m using XP and the drive is a WD7500C032-002 Thanks if anyone can help with this!


It seems to me your drive is defective, you already try all the standard troubleshooting techniques. If the unit still under warranty you can contact WD for replacement. Also you might need to contact a a data recovery company to retrieve your data.