HD locked

Our systems admin installed  a wd my book elite external drive as a server.  It was not automounting when the machine reboots so like a dummy I tried too remove the password thinking that was the problem. None of the other external drives have passwords and as part .  Poked around in the software and found the spot to change the password but did not see how to remove the password.   So in my problem solving efforts I went to change the password and the software prompted me to verify and I typed it in again successfully.  Only now the drive does not accept either password after rebooting and my sysadmin says I should not have been able to change the password at all since it’s a one time deal.  Now I have a problem because this is our company user folder with all my kids baby pictures and all my other family photos and videos.    I need to unlock this dive or pay a service to do it.  I don’t care if we destroy the drive to do so.

Help!  bart@designengine.com

If you cannot get the drive to unlock then you may have a bad drive or the password is not being entered correctly. You can try the drive on another computer to see if the unlock will work. There is also an “unlock” icon the Virtual CD that you can try to use if you are not using it already.

If you cannot get the drive to unlock then you will most likely need to contact a data recovery company to see if they can retrieve the information for you or try to unlock the drive. The drive is encrypted so it may not be possible. Please see the link below.

WD Data Recovery Partners