HD live plus no media message

Ok now after working great I put in a iso file on a hard drive conected to a nas and the WD say when on network shares no media files. I can acess the nas from my computer and see files just fine I can connect to nas through media shares and actuall pull up a movie and start it any suggestions

Apparently after looking around there is an issue with auto save of login info. I can get onto my NAS if I take of the auto login and manually click on the username and password. Kinda strange how it happened after 2 weeks of having unit. If you guys still know a fix please let me know


Try clearing the login information (in the menu there is a setting to do this) and then turn auto login back on and see if that then works (you will still need to login once).

Turn on Auto-Login AFTER that 1st login, otherwise it will try the default, which is Anonymous.

After I log in I have to back out to get to settings is this what you meant  access media shares then back out and save to auto login?

Thanks Terry

Right.   Log in once, then back out to the options and set Auto Login back to ON.   

will try thanks