HD LED RED - HD is ok?

I am running a MyCloud EX 2 Ultra with 2x 6TB HD as RAID. Recently, for HD2 the permanent red LED came on. In order to check what is wrong I interchanged the two HDs and the red LED moved to slot HD1. Therefore I bought a new 6TB WD HD. Just would like to mention that the HDs are just 3 years old!

The start-up looked ok initially but the red light came back on again.

I connected all three disk by USB connector with my PC and ran a HD testing software, temperature ok, just a few bad sectors but nothing serious with none of the HDs.

So what’s wrong? Could it be the controller of the my MYCLOUD? How can this be checked?

Hi @NoClouds,

Please refer to the article Solid and Blinking Red Power and Drive LED Status on a My Cloud: