HD Externo Western Digital My Book Usb3.0 2 TB - Never Working

I bought this HD in Walmart in Orlando. When I arrived in Brazil and went to install I found that did not work( posted this message here in this forum 2 months ago).Not recognized for windows 7(XP and Vista too). Assemble the note, packaging and all the recommendations RMA and sent it to the warranty (yes there is a guarantee for the WD products in Brazil). The WD recognized the product. Despite recognizing WD serial number, pin code and they told me that HD internal unity was not the responsibility.The Walmart said that all equipment sold by the network are unique and purchased directly from suppliers WD. Don´t buy this My Book series because there are thousands of them that will not be guaranteed in spite of being “boxed in” by WD, since the company is not responsible for the device “inside”.


Did WD replace the drive for you? I was looking in their website and they have a representative company in Brazil. See below:

Western Digital Technologies
C/o ASP/ ISS do Brasil Serviços Eletroeletronicos Ltda.
Rua Capote Valente 1449 -Sumaré
São Paulo SP Brasil
Phone number: 0800-770-4932

I send this Hd for SP dealer in Brazil.

They recognize it as a WD but argued that internally there is a WD.
Look what a mess. I got the confirmation that thisexternal  HD is a WD, was bought at a dealer WD, I have the invoice and the HD never worked. Since march I contact the support. I posted 3 messages here about this trouble.
The support claims that the inside was not manufactured by WD. How can this happen with a sealed product with serial numbers and manufacture conferred by the RMA?
My recommendation is do not buy WD products because there is no guarantee.