HD Compatible with WD5000AAKS-00A7B (SATA 3, 16MB Cache, 72RPM)

We have a Buffalo NAS that needs a hard drive replacement.  It is running RAID 5.

The hard drive is a WD5000AAKS-00A7B (500GB SATA3 16MB Cache 7200RPM).  These drives are hard to come by now but I need to replace it.  Can you tell me what WD internat hard drive could replace it?

Hi well those drives are not raid drives and are only ment to be used in software raid 0 or 1. But the sata 3 model has the same cache and once you use the jumper to limit it to sata 2 you should be ok.

I must have asked the question wrong.

I have a WD5000AAKS-00A7B hard drive that needs to be replaced.  It is hard to find these WD drives today.  I want to know if the is another hard drive that will work in its place.  We are using (and have for 4 years) the WD5000AAKS in a RAID 5 environment (4 drives all together).  Since the other 3 drives are OK, I want to find a compatible replacement.

Just let me know if this is still confusing.

Hi the sata 3 model is the WD5000AAKX it is the same drive only  it runs in sata 6 Gb/s mode not sata 3 Gb/s which is what you have, but there’s a jumper to make it go to sata 2 mode. This should work ok as it has the same cache 16 mb. No you did not ask the question wrong I just thought you would look at the 500 gig blue sata 3 model. Also yes you may have run them in raid 5 but they have no tlr so will cause problems even there spec sheet says only software  raid 0 or 1. Also the drive I suggested is the only one that would work. If you cant use it I hope you find one of the sata 2 models.

Guess I got a little confused myself - since you said “there’s a jumper to make it go to sata 2 model”.  I do not know much about all of this but the drive I am wanting to replace is a sata 3.  So, I did not know why I would change it to a sata 2.  Can you explain that to me?  Thanks!!!

Hi well I checked on WD site and they list the WD5000AAKS as sata 3 Gb/s which is sata 2 mode. sata 3 mode is 6 Gb/s transfer rate which is what the WD5000AAKX is. Now the drive’s you have the WD5000AAKS have to be sata 2 3Gb/s as sata 3 which is 6Gb/s transfer rate where not out 4 years ago. Maybe its the numbers a lot of us just use sata 1,2,3

Sata 1 = 1.5 Gb/s

Sata 2 = 3 Gb/s

Sata 3 = 6 Gb/s

I just checked and it was 3 years ago that we purchased the device with the drives… not 4 years.  Does that make a difference?

Hi no sorry they are sata 2 3 G/bs drives you have. The drive I mentioned is as close as your going to get jumper it to sata 2 mode.