HD can work without damages itself flip-up?

Hi guys,

i bought a internal hdd (1.5tb green series - sata2) and an external box cooled of a know brand. The problem is that its engineers has think this box to work with a trestle or something, anyway work like “suspended” and i have afraid to throw it on the floor. So, because this box have a fan, and this fan is under the hd (on the pcb and electronics), to don’t suffocate the fan now i have it letterarly flip-up.

I know that i must don’t touch when it is reading because is not good, but if i don’t touch and i use it, is possible damage it? I use this hd for backup, so i use 1 or 2 times at month for 4-5 hours for session.

Sorry for my bad english and thanks for the help.


It does not matter in which position the drive is, as long as is well ventitaled and any of its internal parts is not touched.

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Ok, many thanks man.

Do it :smiley: