HD access denied

Hi All,

I have a serious problem, and I hope I could find solution here…

I have a WD 30EZRX, which I formatted with my desktop. One day, I have removed it and installed it into a media player to copy data into it from another HD. It worked fine for several days, and today, I opened the media player and try to access data directly for the media player and it asked me to format the HD, and I’ve chosen ‘cancel’, and then I got access deny from the media player.

Then I connected it back to desktop, and I can see it in the disk management, and the owners is right. But I can not access this HD at all. It looks like it hasn’t been formatted at all…

Has any of you encountered a problem like this? What should I do to access it or at least copy the files out?

I have all my photos of the past 10 years in this HD now, and I really don’t want to lose them.

Many thanks in advance, and hope I can find a solution here…


I’m not sure how you’re “installing” it on a media player, but if you are not safely removing it after you copy data to it, then you most likely corrupted the file system.  This is especially true if you can see it in Disk Management.  You’ll need to find a partition recovery software to hopefully restore the partition.