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Im using mojo 1.12.01 on my wd live hub, and using thumbgen to create my movie sheets…does anyone know where i can get pics for sopranos and entourage to use with this? thumbgen only pulls up one pic for sopranos, is there any way to find a pic for each season? thx

Tell me you have tried Google ?

I am guessing you have tmdb as a filter for images.

Select tvdb and you will get these pictures…

thank you, ill give it a try…i just wasnt sure how to get them into thumbgen, …

I unchecked tmdb and checked tvdb like you suggested, but for some reason thumbgen will only show me “Sopranos 1999”.

I clicked on the link you posted and thats exactly what i’m looking for, just cant seem how to get them to appear in thumbgen 

Depends what you are doing. You need to use TV Sheets for TV Shows, sounds obvious, but certain things need to be a certain way.

It might help if you change what its searching for as in

Sopranos Season 1 in the search box etc…

thank you, guess i didnt realize i had to change sheets for that, not sure how to do that? any chance i can get some help with that? I have all 6 seasons of the sopranos, and i would love to put them on my hub with the episodes per disc listed in the info…

i tried all sorts of things in the search box, but couldnt get any info to come up… The only way ive found how to get the pics, or covers, i want on the movie sheet is to manually save the pic, then put it in…but that doesnt give me the info for the specific season or disc

Well that is the tricky part. Movies were always easy if a little tedious, I then started added the tmgd file and that made it easier to jump between themes.

TV shows need TV templates, I just had a quick look but did not see them in the initial part of the thread. You have a couple of options, either find a theme you like that has TV show templates, or have a nice Movie section and the TV shows are a disaster. Or if there really is no TV template have a go at making one yourself. But then you have to do individual TV episodes, and if there is 23-24 per Season, you better have some spare time. This is basically what happened to me. I put up with it a long time, but gave up last week.

I updated to the latest firmware as it recognises TV shows and the metadata search and scanning is much improved. now I have a TV Season folder, with multiple Season folders inside. inside each folder is individual episodes with info about each episode. No dramas all done with minimum effort. Downside is I have lost my nice Bluray covers and movie sheets, but it was a price I was happy to pay to get scanning and adding individual folders.

wow, lots of work indeed… i found a way to basically copy and paste the images i wanted after resizing in… then i was able to modify some folders and some of the info in the template, im pretty pleases with the results…once i figure out how to put up some screenshots ill do that… thanks for all of your help, its very much appreciated!!