Having two issues

I’m having a couple of issues with my 3rd gen WD TV Live.  (If I need to create a separate post for each, let me know).

Pause doesn’t work.  When I press Pause, the movie will pause but then unpauses after a few seconds.  

The WD screensaver activates during movie watching every few minutes.  I’ve seen one or two other posts here reporting this problem, but I’ve not seen a fix.

Anyone have any ideas how to fix these issues?  The box is on firmware v. 1.10.13, and I’ve tried resetting to factory defaults.  I’ve not tried installing the current firmware due to the issues with it reported by others, and I see no fixes in the latest that apply to my circumstances.


Update:  I discovered that if I use the Files menu to select a movie to play, the Pause function works fine.  So what’s the difference between the Files menu and the Videos menu as far as playback goes?  They each display my source files in the same list format, although I think the Vidoes menu can be changed in Setup.

I’ve also disabled the screensaver in Setup, so it does not kick in during a movie.  (Or perhaps it would not if I selected the movie through the Files menu; did not test that.)


I would install the latest firmware (1.11.14) you can always go back to the old one just in case it doesn’t fix anything.